Toothbrush Review: Oral-B iO Series 9 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

It’s here…the Ferrari of the Crest Oral-B toothbrush lineup and this thing is slick. Granted, I received this tooth brush directly from Oral-B and after a little over a month of usage there are a few things I would like to share.

First Disclaimer: As mentioned before in my previous blog post,, it’s not so much which toothbrush you brush with. You just need to be using it correctly and twice daily!

Second Disclaimer: I did receive the iO Series 9 from Oral-B as a promotional item.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, this toothbrush retails for right around $300. But if you like pricey things that helps keep your teeth clean, this bad boy is the thing to buy.

This toothbrush has a ton of customizable features for personalization and multiple different cleaning settings which can come in handy. But what I love most about this toothbrush is it’s pressure sensing capabilities.

The Light ring below the neck of the toothbrush usually lights up to whichever personalized color you choose. When the correct amount of pressure is applied while brushing, the light ring turns green. If too much pressure is applied, the light ring will turn red indicating excessive force.

Another fun little detail Oral-B threw into this model is the smile or frown face that appears depending on how long you brush for. If you don’t reach the two minute mark, you get an unhappy face that appears on the screen. But if you do hit the two minute mark a smiley face lets you know you’ve completed the brushing.

Now I currently do not have any method to measure the difference in decibels, but this is much quieter than Oral-B’s Genius Line. I noticed this to be much more pleasing on the ears than expected. On the other hand, the Splatter Rate (how much toothpaste gets on your mirror) seems to be a little higher, but I attribute that to a better clean. This toothbrush has a bunch of helpful features, and if you’ve got a few spare hundred dollars feel free to try them out. With that said, Oral-B has different models that have similar features that essentially do the same thing.

TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR: this toothbrush will only clean your teeth if you use it, just like any other toothbrush. So if you’re going to spend this much money on a toothbrush, USE IT. And if you’re not going to spend this much money on a toothbrush, buy one you like and USE IT.

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