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Busting Wives Tales: Crushed Aspirin for a Toothache

Aspirin is a Non-Steroirdal Anti-Inflammatory or NSAID, commonly used for everyday aches and pains. Some people are also prescribed this drug to manage the risk of heart attack. So besides taking this over-the-counter drug for cardiovascular reasons, it might make sense to take it… Continue Reading “Busting Wives Tales: Crushed Aspirin for a Toothache”

Dry Mouth Relief

If you, someone you know, or one of your patients is suffering from dry mouth; here is a list of options for potential relief options to try. This is not an exhaustive list, and if you are suffering from dry mouth you should consult… Continue Reading “Dry Mouth Relief”

What The Dentist Sees in Your X-rays

A series of photos below will walk you through the progression of some cavities, and what we are looking out for after your most common X-rays. Now you know what to look for at your next cleaning and exam appointment with your dentist when… Continue Reading “What The Dentist Sees in Your X-rays”

What Are These White Spots On My Child’s Teeth?

Those are white spot lesions! Let’s talk a bit about why they happen and what we can do about them. What Are White Spot Lesions (WSLs)? White spot lesions are simply areas of decalcification of our enamel. Before we have a true cavity (a… Continue Reading “What Are These White Spots On My Child’s Teeth?”

Debate Settled? The Best Toothbrush: Oscillating vs. Sonic Electric Toothbrushes

What is an Oscillating Electric toothbrush? What is a Sonic Electric toothbrush? Which is better? From the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, a winner has been nominated as to which Electric toothbrush does a better job at removing plaque–The Oscillating Electric Toothbrush. Sonic Toothbrush:… Continue Reading “Debate Settled? The Best Toothbrush: Oscillating vs. Sonic Electric Toothbrushes”

So You Lost Your Tooth

You’re putting up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving (hopefully) and, while carefully placing ornaments, you turn around to be greeted by your kid swinging a branch. You look down to reveal your front tooth in your hand and you’ve quickly realized what has happened… Continue Reading “So You Lost Your Tooth”

Let’s Talk Fluoride

I have a patient at least once a week tell me they don’t use fluoridated toothpaste, and I promptly ask them to divulge why. Let’s talk about why dentists recommend the use of fluoride and why I believe you should use it, too. What… Continue Reading “Let’s Talk Fluoride”

MTN DEW and teeth

A true American Icon. While many find this vague, citrus-y tasting drink a necessity to everyday life, consuming it may be causing irreparable harm to teeth. A few of the contents and chemical aspects of MTN Dew combine to make it especially harsh on… Continue Reading “MTN DEW and teeth”

Pineapple After A Tooth Extraction?

If you have ever had a tooth extracted, or are in need of one, you may have heard of what NOT to do after the extraction. Things like: No smoking, spitting, or sucking through straws to prevent dry sockets. Avoiding small, grainy, or crunchy… Continue Reading “Pineapple After A Tooth Extraction?”

Little Jack Or Jill’s first Dental Visit (For Parents)

The big day has come (ideally when you see the first tooth erupting) for your child to visit the dentist. What To Expect? The first visit at the dental office should be a light-hearted and fun experience for the youngster. This is important as… Continue Reading “Little Jack Or Jill’s first Dental Visit (For Parents)”