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Sensitive After a Filling?

‘Well it didn’t start hurting until you started messing with it!’ We get this as dental professionals a lot. And we understand. Let’s talk about why post-operative sensitivity can happen and why it (usually) isn’t something to worry about. What Is Post-Operative Sensitivity? A… Continue Reading “Sensitive After a Filling?”

What Are Dry Sockets?

If you’ve ever had a tooth taken out, your dentist has more than likely discussed with you the possibility of dry sockets. Dry sockets are nothing to mess around with, and we are going to talk about just what they are and things we… Continue Reading “What Are Dry Sockets?”

The Pain Problem

Opioids In 2017 alone, almost 17,000 people died from opioid overdose. Dentists are the second leading prescriber of opioids 2 Time to look for a better option then opioid pain killers Patients in pain have been conditioned to receiving opioids, asking for prescriptions “Doc,… Continue Reading “The Pain Problem”