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Let’s Talk Fluoride

I have a patient at least once a week tell me they don’t use fluoridated toothpaste, and I promptly ask them to divulge why. Let’s talk about why dentists recommend the use of fluoride and why I believe you should use it, too. What… Continue Reading “Let’s Talk Fluoride”

MTN DEW and teeth

A true American Icon. While many find this vague, citrus-y tasting drink a necessity to everyday life, consuming it may be causing irreparable harm to teeth. A few of the contents and chemical aspects of MTN Dew combine to make it especially harsh on… Continue Reading “MTN DEW and teeth”

How Important is Saliva?

If you have ever taken an intro to human biology class, you probably understand that saliva is important for the first part of digestion and breaking down carbohydrates. But saliva has so many more functions and is even more important to your health than… Continue Reading “How Important is Saliva?”