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Little Jack Or Jill’s first Dental Visit (For Parents)

The big day has come (ideally when you see the first tooth erupting) for your child to visit the dentist. What To Expect? The first visit at the dental office should be a light-hearted and fun experience for the youngster. This is important as… Continue Reading “Little Jack Or Jill’s first Dental Visit (For Parents)”

How To Stop The Spread of Cavities in Kids

Why do children get cavities? Are their baby teeth important? How can I stop them from getting cavities?

Maintaining Space in the Primary Dentition

When it comes to children, maintaining the amount of space available in their arch is very important. If space is not maintained, the permanent teeth may not have room to erupt, causing long-term problems that may have complications in the future – such as… Continue Reading “Maintaining Space in the Primary Dentition”