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What The Dentist Sees in Your X-rays

A series of photos below will walk you through the progression of some cavities, and what we are looking out for after your most common X-rays. Now you know what to look for at your next cleaning and exam appointment with your dentist when… Continue Reading “What The Dentist Sees in Your X-rays”

What Is Oil Pulling?

Charcoal toothpaste, sucking on lemons, placing aspirin in your mouth – there’s never a shortage of new tips and tricks in dentistry. There’s always going to be changes and claims in medicine as well as new methods to treating disease. It’s our job as… Continue Reading “What Is Oil Pulling?”

How Quickly Can You Get A Cavity?

This question can depend on a cornucopia of different reasons. You can be more susceptible to getting cavities depending on your: age, dietary habits, saliva production, genetics, medications, and the list goes on. The more susceptible you are, then theoretically cavities can attack your… Continue Reading “How Quickly Can You Get A Cavity?”

Three Major Plaque Theories for Caries(Cavities)

Dental Caries, also known by the general public as cavities in teeth, is still one of the most common diseases globally. The World Health Organization estimates that 2.3 billion adults and 560 million children are affected by dental caries. The WHO also notes that… Continue Reading “Three Major Plaque Theories for Caries(Cavities)”

How To Stop The Spread of Cavities in Kids

Why do children get cavities? Are their baby teeth important? How can I stop them from getting cavities?

Preventing Cavities in Youngsters with Sealants

Potentially one of the most sneakiest ailments in the United States, having a cavity is still one the of the most common chronic diseases in children. Getting a cavity during childhood can result in trips to the dentist, missing school, and tooth pain1. The… Continue Reading “Preventing Cavities in Youngsters with Sealants”