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Busting Wives Tales: Crushed Aspirin for a Toothache

Aspirin is a Non-Steroirdal Anti-Inflammatory or NSAID, commonly used for everyday aches and pains. Some people are also prescribed this drug to manage the risk of heart attack. So besides taking this over-the-counter drug for cardiovascular reasons, it might make sense to take it… Continue Reading “Busting Wives Tales: Crushed Aspirin for a Toothache”

What to do Before a Patient Starts Cancer Treatments

This guide can be useful for patients who will be undergoing radiation to the head/neck area, beginning to take myelosuppresive drugs, or going to begin chemotherapy. Step one involves getting the patient in for examination at least a month before treatment begins. Coordination with… Continue Reading “What to do Before a Patient Starts Cancer Treatments”

Check the Lips!

Importance of Evaluating the Outer Lips for Actinic Keratosis: A.K.A Actinic Cheilosis, Solar Keratosis of the lips, Farmer’s Lip and Sailor’s Lip. Potentially unremarkable lesions with consequences. Have you ever noticed little scaly plaques on someone’s face, neck, top of their head, or lips?… Continue Reading “Check the Lips!”

Dry Mouth Relief

If you, someone you know, or one of your patients is suffering from dry mouth; here is a list of options for potential relief options to try. This is not an exhaustive list, and if you are suffering from dry mouth you should consult… Continue Reading “Dry Mouth Relief”

What Are These White Spots On My Child’s Teeth?

Those are white spot lesions! Let’s talk a bit about why they happen and what we can do about them. What Are White Spot Lesions (WSLs)? White spot lesions are simply areas of decalcification of our enamel. Before we have a true cavity (a… Continue Reading “What Are These White Spots On My Child’s Teeth?”

Dental Calculus and National Geographic?

Andrew Curry from National Geographic has published a history article1 from 2019 highlighting the role Dental Calculus is playing in deciphering the mysteries of the histories. Reading through the article we learn that scientists, archaeologists, paleogeneticists, microscopists, and chemists, are studying dental plaque found… Continue Reading “Dental Calculus and National Geographic?”

Basics Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

More than just snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea has been shown to be associated with several other health issues including heart problems, diabetes, and of course sleep issues/tiredness5. This post was written to describe some of the terms used with OSA A diagnosis from a… Continue Reading “Basics Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea”

Three Major Plaque Theories for Caries(Cavities)

Dental Caries, also known by the general public as cavities in teeth, is still one of the most common diseases globally. The World Health Organization estimates that 2.3 billion adults and 560 million children are affected by dental caries. The WHO also notes that… Continue Reading “Three Major Plaque Theories for Caries(Cavities)”

Turner Tooth, Not Timmy Turner

This blog page has tried diligently to advocate for oral health and the prevention of dental cavities. This post will reiterate again why good hygiene is important even during the younger years. A Turner Tooth is an enamel defect, a type of hypoplasia, on… Continue Reading “Turner Tooth, Not Timmy Turner”

External Root Resorption

Hopefully everyone knows that cavities can destroy tooth structure from the crown down. But there are two different types of tooth resorption that can destroy teeth below the bone level, internal and external resorption. Internal resorption is much more rare and usually occurs after… Continue Reading “External Root Resorption”