What to do for SDF Stains?

If you have ever handled Silver Diamine Fluoride in the dental office you have probably stained something, or a lot of things… chairs, countertops, instruments, and the list goes on.

The Best way to get rid of SDF stains? – Prevention. Now with that being said we can take all of the precautions in the world, but accidents still seem to happen with this stuff.

We are currently using Riva Star from SDI Limited out of Australia. This product has a second liquid application step of Potassium Iodide which helps to reduce staining on the tooth surface and gingival tissues. It also helps to prevent any staining if immediately applied to the skin after accidental SDF exposure.

On hard surfaces, we have found stain removal success with Toilet Bowl Bleach e.g. Clorox Clinical Bleaching Gel. We like to use this product as it has more of a gelatinous form and will not run off of the counter or tray tops.

For Clothing: currently we have not found a solution and you just might be out of luck….

Do Not Wipe this stuff without first applying bleach, or without using something similar to a CaviWipe so that the liquid is not just smooshed around.


Prevention of Soft Tissue Stains: Immediately apply Riva Star Step 2 Potassium Iodide on tissue and allow to sit for 30 seconds. Then rinse off with water and dry. Multiple applications may be required.

Removal of Stains from Hard Surfaces: Place Gel Bleach directly on stain as soon as possible. Lay a 2×2 or whatever size piece of cotton over the Gel and allow to sit for 30 minutes to an hour, then wipe off with water. More problematic stains may need multiple applications or longer application periods with scrubbing after the application of the bleach.

2 responses to “What to do for SDF Stains?”

  1. The cleaner, “The Pink Stuff,” on Amazon removes silver diamine fluoride stains (old and new) from chairs and countertops in the dental setting…in seconds. I found that out today during a last ditch effort to find something and got lucky.

    Just trying to help other frustrated professionals. Thanks.

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