Month: October 2021

Brian Laundrie’s Remains Confirmed via Dental Records: What was needed?

Forensic Odontology, aka Forensic Dentistry is “the area of dentistry concerned with the correct management, examination, evaluation, and presentation of dental evidence in criminal or civil legal proceedings in the interest of justice.”1 What Would a Forensic Dentist Need to Help Determine the Identity… Continue Reading “Brian Laundrie’s Remains Confirmed via Dental Records: What was needed?”

A Little Dental History: Ancient Egypt

Remember learning about all of the Pyramids and Pharaohs of ancient Egypt? Unsurprisingly Egyptians from ~3000b.c. to ~300bc also had teeth, and those teeth also had the same issues we deal today. You may have seen images similar to the bridgework completed above making… Continue Reading “A Little Dental History: Ancient Egypt”

Sensitive After a Filling?

‘Well it didn’t start hurting until you started messing with it!’ We get this as dental professionals a lot. And we understand. Let’s talk about why post-operative sensitivity can happen and why it (usually) isn’t something to worry about. What Is Post-Operative Sensitivity? A… Continue Reading “Sensitive After a Filling?”

Dental Calculus and National Geographic?

Andrew Curry from National Geographic has published a history article1 from 2019 highlighting the role Dental Calculus is playing in deciphering the mysteries of the histories. Reading through the article we learn that scientists, archaeologists, paleogeneticists, microscopists, and chemists, are studying dental plaque found… Continue Reading “Dental Calculus and National Geographic?”