The Scientists at TikTok have done it again.

If you have not already heard, get with the times you boomer. A trend on TikTok and other social media outlets has surfaced with individuals scrubbing their teeth with Mr. Clean’s very own Magic Eraser. The influencers of TikTok, or other viral wannabes, have uploaded videos making claims that scrubbing with the Magic Eraser has erased their stains and whitened their teeth. This Is absolutely bamboozling.

With That Said…..

I cannot find any research that shows that the scrubbing with the eraser doesn’t whiten teeth….What I did find was that there are multiple different types of Magic Erasers in the product line. Many of which have different ingredient lists than the OG Magic Eraser.

What in Tarnation is going on: The Ingredient Responsible for Whitening

Looking through scientific data there is a study published in 2015 claiming that the ingredient, Melanin Resin Foam, is capable of whitening and removing stains on Extracted teeth. This study was published in the Chinese Journal of Dental Research so I cannot confirm the validity of the study, but this is intriguing1

Other Ingredients:

The other Magic Erasers in Mr. Cleans product lineup have more ingredients than the plain old Melanin Resin Foam that is found in the original product. So I would highly advise against using Mr. Clean with Dawn, or Gain, or e.t.c.

So…are you going to try it…

I recommend against it, but so far the research is saying ON EXTRACTED TEETH THE TREND IS HARMLESS. If you are going to do the trend try your absolute hardest to not scrub your gums. Do not ingest the sponge as who knows what kind of bacterial infection can occur if this thing gets caught in your lungs or somewhere else dark inside of you. We have NO IDEA how much is too much again not recommended….


I am not condoning this trend.

Please don’t become a science experiment for us to study on the after-effects of Mr. Clean’s Sponge.

Research shows it can whiten EXTRACTED TEETH.

If you want safe, proven whitening practices, head over to your dentist or contact me directly for other options.

It’s a wild time to be alive…whiten at your own risk.

  1. Otsuka, T., & Kawata, T. (2015). Effect of Melamine Sponge on Tooth Stain Removal. The Chinese journal of dental research : the official journal of the Scientific Section of the Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA)18(4), 235–240.

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