Month: April 2021

Turner Tooth, Not Timmy Turner

This blog page has tried diligently to advocate for oral health and the prevention of dental cavities. This post will reiterate again why good hygiene is important even during the younger years. A Turner Tooth is an enamel defect, a type of hypoplasia, on… Continue Reading “Turner Tooth, Not Timmy Turner”

How Much is a Tooth Worth?

To preface a tooth is only worth as much value as you put into it, but that is beside the point. But if you asked the tooth fairy how much a baby tooth is worth the answer is $3.70, but that was back in… Continue Reading “How Much is a Tooth Worth?”

External Root Resorption

Hopefully everyone knows that cavities can destroy tooth structure from the crown down. But there are two different types of tooth resorption that can destroy teeth below the bone level, internal and external resorption. Internal resorption is much more rare and usually occurs after… Continue Reading “External Root Resorption”

How Important is Saliva?

If you have ever taken an intro to human biology class, you probably understand that saliva is important for the first part of digestion and breaking down carbohydrates. But saliva has so many more functions and is even more important to your health than… Continue Reading “How Important is Saliva?”

How Long Will My Crown Last?

More often than not, patients ask me how long their restorations will last. Why should they get a crown when they have a filling that’s doing just fine? There’s a lot of factors that go into the treatment plan a dental practitioner creates, but… Continue Reading “How Long Will My Crown Last?”