Month: January 2021

Essentials of the Emergency Kit

Here are the Bare Minimum Drugs that must be kept in your dental office’s Emergency Kit Epinephrine: When to Use: Acute allergic reaction, Hypersensitivity reaction, anaphylaxis What Does it Look Like: Starts with an itchy/runny nose, and/or a skin rash begins to develop(usually red).… Continue Reading “Essentials of the Emergency Kit”

Understanding Tooth Pain: When Do I Need To Make An Appointment?

The correct answer is every 6 months – prevention is key to identifying disease and making sure gum disease, caries progression, and cancer are caught early. With this in mind, it’s important to understand tooth pain and why it is beneficial to catch it… Continue Reading “Understanding Tooth Pain: When Do I Need To Make An Appointment?”

Pathology Post: Hypercementosis

Hypercementosis is a nonneoplastic deposition of excessive cementum that is continuous with the normal radicular cementum¹. What is Hypercementosis? Hypercementosis is a thickening or blunting of the root due to excess cementum, surrounded by an intact PDL space, as evidenced in the photo above.… Continue Reading “Pathology Post: Hypercementosis”

Chiefs Will Play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, January 17th 2:05 PM Arrowhead Time

What a way to kick off the return of Teeth and Chiefs posts!! Look forward to more content moving forward.